Review Delonghi EN 80 B Nespresso Inissia. Who will suit?

Delonghi EN 80 B Nespres­so Inis­sia is an ide­al and inex­pen­sive choice for a young cou­ple or fam­i­ly. The most seri­ous set of black cof­fee fla­vors com­bined with the incred­i­ble ease of prepa­ra­tion of the drink The Delonghi EN 80 B Nespres­so Inis­sia cap­sule cof­fee machine will be a great start to your day, because […]

Overview of the Krups Dolce Gusto Piccolo coffee machine line using the KP 100B as an example

The sim­plest prepa­ra­tion: put in the cap­sule, press the acti­va­tor, in a minute the cof­fee is ready! The Krups Dolce Gus­to KP 100B Pic­co­lo cof­fee machine, like its twin sis­ters KP 1002, KP 1006, KP 1009, is one of the most com­pact and afford­able cap­­sule-type mod­els. If the max­i­mum ease of prepa­ra­tion of an invig­o­rat­ing […]

Review of the Saeco HD8761 Minuto coffee machine. Is it worth your money?

  The review applies to Philips HD8761/01 (for the Euro­pean mar­ket), HD8761/03 (for the Aus­tralian mar­ket), HD8761/09 (for the CIS). Pledge of pop­u­lar­i­ty: fair price and small dimen­sions for mod­est kitchens One of the most pop­u­lar grain auto­mat­ic cof­fee machines in the class is the Sae­co HD8761 Min­u­to mod­el. It is per­fect for the home, […]

Overview of the Bosch TCA 5309 coffee machine. How convenient is it?

Aro­ma Whirl Sys­tem tech­nol­o­gy reveals the small­est shades of taste and aro­ma cof­fee machine Bosch TCA 5309 Ben­venu­to Clas­sic is in sta­ble demand, because it com­bines an afford­able price, com­pact dimen­sions and a set of the most nec­es­sary func­tions for mak­ing cof­fee with min­i­mal par­tic­i­pa­tion on your part. The strength of the drink, the vol­ume […]

JURA F50 and F55 Impressa Classic: premium quality and solid design from Switzerland

Built-in timer to pre­pare drinks at the appoint­ed time   If you are look­ing for a ful­ly auto­mat­ic cof­fee mak­er and your bud­get is not lim­it­ed to a cou­ple of 300$, then I sug­gest that you famil­iar­ize your­self with the fea­tures of the JURA Impres­sa F50 Clas­sic cof­fee machine. This is an auto­mat­ic mod­el with […]

Delonghi ESAM 2600 — a good combination of “price / features”

Opti­mal set of func­tions at an afford­able price   If you are look­ing for an afford­able yet proven and reli­able machine with auto­mat­ic espres­so prepa­ra­tion, then you should be inter­est­ed in a cof­fee machine. Delonghi ESAM 2600 Caffe Cor­so. It is designed to pre­pare one or two serv­ings of a drink at a time. You […]

Philips Saeco Minuto HD8763 review

Authen­tic Ital­ian cof­fee at home   If you can’t imag­ine a morn­ing with­out a cup of an invig­o­rat­ing drink, but you don’t rec­og­nize instant pow­der and don’t like to brew cof­fee in Turk­ish, then I rec­om­mend buy­ing a cof­fee machine Philips Sae­co Min­u­to HD8763/19 (do not con­fuse with the slight­ly sim­pler Sae­co HD8761). With it, […]

Delonghi ECAM 22.360 S Magnifica S/B: Delonghi’s starter milk machine

This mod­el is almost out of stock.the cur­rent suc­ces­sors are ECAM 23.460 or ECAM 350.50.   Auto­mat­i­cal­ly brews cap­puc­ci­no and lat­te with the push of a but­ton If it is not easy for you to wake up with­out a cup of fra­grant nat­ur­al cof­fee, but at the same time you do not like to brew […]

Bosch Tassimo Vivy T12 review (three colors)

Minia­ture cap­sule cof­fee machine that pre­pares cof­fee with one touch Vivy T12 is also com­pact in depth — 30 cm! Cap­sule cof­fee machine Bosch Tas­si­mo Vivy T12 — a bright rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the camp of the Tas­si­mo sys­tem, which is per­haps the most eco­nom­i­cal in terms of the cost of the ini­tial pur­chase of the […]

Philips HD8649 Series 2000 — a new leader! Review

The mod­el is out­dat­ed and not for salecur­rent suc­ces­sor — Philips 1200 Series Before I had time to pub­lish the top best inex­pen­sive cof­fee machines, when SUDDENLY an updat­ed ver­sion of my favorite was pub­lished. If you haven’t read that post, I high­ly rec­om­mend it. Those who have already read it prob­a­bly remem­ber how I […]