JURA F50 and F55 Impressa Classic: premium quality and solid design from Switzerland

Built-in timer to pre­pare drinks at the appoint­ed time


Impressa F50 Classic coffee machineIf you are look­ing for a ful­ly auto­mat­ic cof­fee mak­er and your bud­get is not lim­it­ed to a cou­ple of 300$, then I sug­gest that you famil­iar­ize your­self with the fea­tures of the JURA Impres­sa F50 Clas­sic cof­fee machine. This is an auto­mat­ic mod­el with the abil­i­ty to pre­pare two por­tions at the same time, which, you see, is con­ve­nient if there is more than one per­son who wants to drink cof­fee.

The built-in burr steel cof­fee grinder allows you to adjust the degree of grind­ing (6 posi­tions), open­ing up more and more new fla­vors for you. If you dream of wak­ing up to the smell of fresh­ly brewed cof­fee, then you will def­i­nite­ly be pleased with the built-in timer. Your favorite drink will be ready right when you wake up. Great replace­ment for an alarm clock!

Auto­mat­ic brew unit rinse and cup warmer

The self-clean­ing sys­tem keeps main­te­nance to a min­i­mum. And the rotary switch is extreme­ly easy to oper­ate. You can even not read the instruc­tions, although I still rec­om­mend not to neglect this book. The heat­ed stand will make sure that the fin­ished drink is poured into warmed cups and does not cool down longer.

Also avail­able is a cap­puc­ci­na­tore. It’s a dou­ble action. There is a func­tion of man­u­al whip­ping with a panarel­lo noz­zle, or you can use an auto­mat­ic approach with a dis­charge hose, the end of which is placed in a con­tain­er of milk. You can even in a tetra-pack. And then at the exit of the steam tap you will get a thick, dense milk foam with­out any effort.

The con­trol sys­tem is extreme­ly sim­ple. Any­one, even with­out prompt­ing, can eas­i­ly pre­pare a cup of fra­grant invig­o­rat­ing drink. The waste con­tain­er holds 16 por­tions, and the water tank holds 1.9 liters. The JURA F50 Clas­sic cof­fee machine allows you to adjust the tem­per­a­ture, the strength of the drink and its vol­ume. By the way, the mod­el is suit­able for both grain and ground cof­fee.

jura f55

The Jura F55 Clas­sic cof­fee machine dif­fers from the F50 only in col­or. Its main col­or is sil­ver.

The F50 mod­el of the Swiss brand Yura belongs to high-price cof­fee machines — as of the end of 2015, the cost of such a “device” aver­ages from 80 to 1800–2000$, depend­ing on the region. Large retail­ers may be cheap­er, sub­ject to pro­mo­tions. If you get on sale, you can get an almost pre­mi­um device at a tempt­ing price.

  The Impressa F50 Classic coffee machine is extremely easy to use!

The Jura F50 Clas­sic cof­fee machine is extreme­ly easy to use: there is no need to take out, rinse and lubri­cate the brew­er. But use clean­ing tablets reg­u­lar­ly!

Fixed brewing unit: pros and cons

Actu­al­ly, like all cof­fee machines of the com­pa­ny, Jura F50 and, accord­ing­ly, F55 does not need reg­u­lar clean­ing of the brew­ing unit. It does not need to be washed under the tap, lubri­cat­ed, it is gen­er­al­ly non-remov­able. But this fact also has a down­side: since clean­ing takes place only with tablets with chem­istry (car­ry out reg­u­lar­ly strict­ly accord­ing to the instruc­tions!), And a cer­tain amount of ground cof­fee is still clogged inside, then once every 1–3 years you have to take the machine to a ser­vice for a com­pre­hen­sive main­te­nance with dis­as­sem­bly of the case and clean­ing of the insides. The cost of the oper­a­tion can eas­i­ly go beyond 150$. You need to be ready for this. I wrote about this in more detail in the review of the Jura C5/C50/C60 line.

Main technical characteristics of the JURA Impressa F 50 coffee machine:

Full instruc­tions: Down­load in for­mat pdf
Device type: Grain machine
Width x Depth x Height: 28 x 44.5 x 34.5 cm
Used cof­fee: Grains, ground
Cof­fee grinder: Mill­stone, steel, 6 degrees
Brew­ing group: One, non-remov­able, with pre-wet­ting

Heater: Ther­moblock, 1450 W
Max pres­sure: 15 bar
Water tank: 1.9 top access
Com­part­ment for cof­fee: 200 g
Waste com­part­ment: 16 serv­ings, front access
Cap­puc­ci­na­tore: Man­u­al — panarel­lo, plus semi-auto­mat­ic with out­let tube
Max­i­mum Cup Height: 110
Con­trol Fea­tures: Adjust­ment of the strength (4 degrees), tem­per­a­ture (2 degrees), screen, on timer
Oth­er fea­tures: Pas­sive cup warmer, two-col­or cup light­ing, auto-rins­ing can be turned off, por­tion counter
Col­or options: Black — JURA Impres­sa F50 Clas­sic, black with sil­ver details — JURA Impres­sa F50 Plat­inum