Overview of the Bosch TCA 5309 coffee machine. How convenient is it?

Aro­ma Whirl Sys­tem tech­nol­o­gy reveals the small­est shades of taste and aro­ma

Bosch-TCA-5309-sidecof­fee machine Bosch TCA 5309 Ben­venu­to Clas­sic is in sta­ble demand, because it com­bines an afford­able price, com­pact dimen­sions and a set of the most nec­es­sary func­tions for mak­ing cof­fee with min­i­mal par­tic­i­pa­tion on your part. The strength of the drink, the vol­ume of the serv­ing and the tem­per­a­ture you set your­self, depend­ing on your pref­er­ences. With this mod­el, you can pre­pare espres­so and cap­puc­ci­no. The Aro­ma Whirl Sys­tem tech­nol­o­gy pro­vides pre-wet­ting of the grains for the best dis­clo­sure of all taste qual­i­ties.

Con­ve­nient oper­a­tion and auto­mat­ic rins­ing after each brew­ing

To col­lect drips, a built-in tray with a fill­ing lev­el indi­ca­tor is pro­vid­ed, which will help to avoid unex­pect­ed over­flow of liq­uid with­out look­ing into the tray after each cup of cof­fee. It is impor­tant to note that the auto­mat­ic rins­ing of the brew­ing unit occurs after each cook­ing ses­sion. The Bosch TCA5309 Ben­venu­to­Clas­sic cof­fee machine is equipped with a height-adjustable dis­penser for con­ve­nient use of cups of dif­fer­ent sizes and to reduce the risk of splash­ing water when pour­ing. The water tank is designed for a large num­ber of serv­ings, so you will not need to be dis­tract­ed once again to replen­ish it. The extreme­ly sim­ple push-but­ton con­trol of the Bosch TCA 5309 will allow you to use the device lit­er­al­ly with­out think­ing.

Bosch TCA-5309 coffee machine: view of the front side of the coffee maker

Similar models

The described mod­el has an ances­tor that was pro­duced before it and has already been dis­con­tin­ued — the Bosch TCA 5201 cof­fee machine. The Bosch TCA 5201 dif­fers in a more mod­est set of adjust­ments: it did not have a set­ting for the sup­ply tem­per­a­ture and water hard­ness. In addi­tion, the pow­er but­ton was by no means on the front side, but on the back, which notice­ably wors­ened ergonom­ics. It is clear that the Bosch TCA5201 should not be con­sid­ered for pur­chase, and it is not on sale, in fact.

Main technical characteristics of the Bosch TCA 5309 Benvenuto coffee machine:

Full instruc­tions: Down­load in for­mat pdf
Device type: Grain machine
Width x Depth x Height: 26 x 45 x 34 cm
Used cof­fee: grains
Cof­fee grinder: Mill­stone, steel, 3 degrees
Brew­ing group: One, remov­able, pre-wet

Heater: Ther­moblock, 1400 W
Max pres­sure: 15 bar
Water tank: 1.8 top access
Com­part­ment for cof­fee: 250 g
Waste com­part­ment: Front access
Cap­puc­ci­na­tore: Man­u­al — panarel­lo
Con­trol Fea­tures: Adjust­ment of the fortress (2 degrees), tem­per­a­ture (3 degrees)
Oth­er fea­tures: Pas­sive cup warmer
Col­or options: Black