Reshaping the coffee experience.

Whether a daily ritual or a Sunday special occasion, the Australian love affair with quality coffee continues to thrive.

Our business has enjoyed over 20 years of close relationships with cafes around the country - as a supplier of beans, coffee machines and marketing support. But more recently we have seen demand from retail customers on the rise alongside the cafe market - particularly through new connections keen to explore different beans and blends, and those coffee connoisseurs who would like to take their cafe experience home with them.

It is this new product demand that inspired Coffee Grinders.

Coffee Grinders was formed to serve all coffee markets and provide opportunities for individuals, cafe business owners and roasters of any size to engage with their favourite coffee brands, equipment and experiences and share these more widely.

Our business has 3 service areas to ensure you get exactly what you need.


Through our online shop or retail partners we bring our coffee brands, merchandise, premium home use equipment and coffee education right to your door.


We support your cafe, restaurant or venue with tailored blends, top tier equipment, training and merchandising to make you a coffee location of choice.